Each time my heart beats uncontrollably and my hands profusely sweating from the anxiety and feeling as though I’m the one proposing. It’s that powerful of a scene. A scene that solidifies absolute love above all else.

If it’s a dear friend or a complete stranger, these are intimate and amazing photo opportunities that only happen once. Opportunities that do more than cover one moment, but can be shared for many years to come. It is the first part of starting that new chapter as a couple. It is one of my favorite things to photograph.

“Thank you for making my Fairytale ending into a New Year even more spectacular and memorable! I had no idea Ralph was going to propose to me and seeing you there taking pictures of us totally caught me off guard! You made it so easy for us to pose for you, you have personality plus and such an eye for unique photos! You have such an AMAZING talent and I would recommend you for any occasion and any event! We can’t wait to see the rest of the photos!”

Antoinette Manganas

Nemacolin Woodlands Resort guest