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Although the science is complex, WECOACH makes exercise easy.

The innovative approach to movement feels good as you exercise, but more importantly delivers results. Most exercise programs focus on movement front to back – this is incomplete. WECOACH connects the total body by moving in 6 natural directions.

Did you know tightness in the hips and upper back can cause low back and knee pain, slouched posture, poor balance and even limit the power of your golf swing? Just like an elastic band needs to be stretched to launch across a room, muscles require flexibility and strength to effectively step, reach, bend or swing. Most exercise programs focus on moves that are front to back, our workouts move the body in all 6 natural directions.

Rarely do we ever repeat a movement over and over in strict form. Think about it. How often do you lower your body while keeping your knees behind your toes, other than squatting at the gym? Probably never! Exercises should move the body in ways that mirror real life movement. WECOACH uses 7 basic foot positions while moving in 6 directions for better results!

Customized Music – An explosion of new research proves sound has an effect on our health and healing. The tropical island feel of BLUE RHYTHM helps clear and relax the mind while energizing the body to move. Original music composed by ERIMIE connects mind and movement for a truly unique exercise experience.

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